Tummy is shutting down on February 10th

Tummy was created to provide a better food and symptom journal to help those struggling with food-triggered symptoms. However, it was not viable to keep the app and infrastructure up and running, and as such we will be shutting down the Tummy services on February 10th. Wishing you all the best!


Tummy has been a massive help for both clients and myself. It's easy to use and provides tons of valuable information, graphs and analytics; it allows me to see patterns and to show clients why they are experiencing their different symptoms.

I'd never been happy with any of the other online food log or calorie-tracking apps for multiple reasons but Tummy succeeds where these other products fail. In a very short space of time I started wondering how I used to function without it!

Chris Sandel
7 Health

On a personal note

Turning the idea of Tummy into a real technology has been a personal journey for me. I was struggling with GERD and IBS and had recently started working with a nutritionist when I first had the idea for a more efficient way to log my food intake and analyze the unpleasant symptoms I was experiencing.

After many hours of conversation, research, design and coding, Tummy was born. In the short time since, we’ve found that Tummy can help reduce the time your clients' spend logging foods and symptoms by about 75% -- and that means you’ll get better and and more consistent patient data to work with, all organized in one place.

Email me at ryan@foodgeeks.com if you have any questions.

Ryan Snyder
Tummy Founder